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Useful Material Functions

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Hey everyone,

I'm giving away Material Functions for you to use in your projects in Unreal Engine 4. I'm planning to update these as I add more into my library, I hope you find them useful!

Latest update 12/18/2018: The package now comes with Material Layer Blends to speed up the new Material Layers workflow.

List of material functions:

  • Change Albedo color: Tints albedo map by changing the color for a new one
  • Change Normal Intensity: Increase normal map intensity
  • Tri Planar Projection mapping UVs: Use world position coordinates with tri planar projection to create UV coordinates.
  • ZUP Mask: Creates a Mask using the Z direction with several parameters to change. This mask is commonly used when adding moss or snow materials on top of the surfaces
  • Change Roughness: Modulate roughness values using a MIN and MAX scalar parameters
  • Contrast Adjustments: Enables you to change the texture values such as intensity, sharpness, contrast and brightness

List of Material Layer Blends:

  • ID Mask: A simple blend that uses an ID mask to blend between materials
  • Slope Blend Vertex: Automatically applies a slope mask based on object vertex orientation and you are able to vertex paint the vertices you don't want the slope mask to affect the mesh.
  • Texture Mask: Uses a texture mask to blend between 2 materials
  • Vertex Paint: Blends 2 materials using vertex paint with the option to use a texture mask to create different variations. This Layer Blend asset comes with 4 instances: red, green, blue and alpha blends
  • ZUP: Same as "Slope Blend Vertex" but you can't vertex paint on them

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Useful Material Functions

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